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Frederick Junior:) Hey guys my name is Charlene Marraudino. I took my first breath on june 3 1995 in Tokyo Japan. I love life, friends and family. I’m up for almost anything…especially if it’s funny.I love spontaneous things like adventures. People who are funny are my favorite.=] I pursue what makes me happy and I laugh as much as I breathe. I like a guy who can hold open a door for me; it’s not that hard to be a gentleman. I’m skeptic of the ordinary. I like both the complex and the simple. Singing is a must. I love the sound of rain and the smell of it even more. Summer’s my favorite . I love plants. Silly, little things are what make my day.I don't hate and I forgive but i never forget. Panda's are the best.Thrills are my favorite. I’m a dreamer, and I expect more than others think is possible so don’t tell me not to believe. I like the city just as much as I like nature…nature is better though. =]I’m a pretty big believer of life. If you’re in my life, you’re here for a reason. I talk to much. I’m a tad bit out-there. And I change for no one. Love it or hate it. This is my life. ♥ P.S. There's a lot more to me than can ever fit in this box. If you want to get to know me, then talk to me. =]